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About Cloud Aspect

Cloud Aspects was formed in response to the ever-growing need for businesses to have anywhere, anytime access to their information. In essence, a simple but powerful need in terms of how it impacts business productivity and efficiency. Cloud Aspects provides software applications that users can access through their web browser as if it were a program installed locally on their computer.


Businesses cannot afford distracting IT infrastructure and networking issues. By making use of an internet based software application, businesses avoid troublesome hardware, software and services issues and costs. It means never having to worry about installations, upgrades, patches and troubleshooting again.


Your information is accessible anytime and anywhere and not locked on an office server. Do you have employees or associates working from different places who need access to your data? All you need is an internet connection and your data is accessible anywhere in the world.


Our data center is a SAS 70 Type 2 facility. This means it complies with the most rigorous control standards available. You can read more here.


Cloud Aspects ensures that all software and hardware is managed, backed up and available 24/7. Data is backed up every hour which means you can use, access and manage your applications with confidence. Super secure, redundant and always accessible.

We provide a more secure, productive and cost effective solution for accessing your accounting, medical, dental and business software from any PC, Mac or Tablet regardless of your location. Are you ready for the next generation workplace?


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