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Mac Friendly

A Simple, versatile solution for your applications

No matter your business, you can benefit by having your applications hosted by Cloud Aspects.  Move more of your apps into the cloud and see how efficient it is to have all your data centralized, backed up & always accessible from any computer.

Mac Friendly

All your hosted applications will work on both Mac and PC.  If you use a Mac at home and a PC at work we have you covered.  All of your programs will work just as they always do.  Cloud Aspects needs only an Internet connection to provide you with fast, easy access to your programs, no matter the computer you are using.  If you are working from your laptop or IPad you will have secure access to all of your files.  The really nice thing - is that if you lose or break your laptop no data is lost – ever!

More and more businesses want to move to Mac's for reliability and strength.  Well - no need to re-purchase all your software. Just host all your applications with Cloud Aspects and we’ll have you up and running in less than a day.

Do you want to collaborate with other users?  Cloud Aspects uses the latest Citrix technology to help you work together seamlessly in the same application, from whatever operating system you are using.

Cloud Aspects is simply the best choice for Quickbooks Hosting and Cloud Computing.

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