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Safe and Secure
Hosting your applications with Cloud Aspects relieves your company of the time and expense of hardware, server management, software updates, and IT staff. Cloud Aspects hosted applications deliver increased productivity, security and flexibility.

Our data center is a SAS 70 Tier 2 facility and requires biometric identification and fully escorted access. It houses Video surveillance, locked cabinets and rooms that help protect the hardware at the site. Formal procedures are in place to add user accounts. Passwords must meet complexity requirements. Passwords expire every 90 days. Passwords must be at least 6 characters and contain a capital letter and a number. Application software is installed separately from the operating system.

Our Backbone is all fiber optic and we utilize intelligent routing to ensure that our customer’s traffic uses the most direct and fastest route to its destination. Our Internet Backbone is an international, fully redundant OC192 (10,000Mbps).

Maximum Speed
We directly connect to and exchange traffic with most all major networks in order to increase the speed of data transfer by sending data directly to its destination. In addition to our own international Internet backbone, we also directly connect to over five-hundred major national and international Internet networks. We directly connect to AT&T, Level(3), Akamai, XO, Verio, Abovenet, Swisscom, Japan Telecom, Earthlink, Broadwing, MSN, etc. and most any major network that you can think of within the industry.

Backup Process
Data is backed up hourly between 6:00 AM and 8:00PM EST. Backup data is encrypted. Daily backups are sent off site and retained for 30 days. System recovery procedures are in place to restore files from backups.

Our Security Procedures
We design and maintain security procedures that protect your information on-line and off-line. We support 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. We encrypt all sensitive data in our database. We use firewalls to prevent unauthorized electronic access to the servers where your information is stored. The servers are in a secure environment to prevent unauthorized physical access. Our employees cannot access your information.

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